George Formby Tribute by  Alan Yates

Me - My Story !

How I got in to doing my

George Formby Tribute Act!

It all started as a child...

I originally wanted to learn to play the guitar, only my hands were too small to get around the guitar neck and back then they didn't make 3/4 guitars so I picked up the banjo ukulele.

At the age of 3, I started going to the George Formby Society conventions in Blackpool with my family which is where I also met my wife Alyson when we was just mere toddlers and we still go to the GFS conventions to this day, 40 years on!

When I started to learn to play, I was told I would never learn as I was tone deaf. I dug my heals in and practiced to the point where there was times when I literally made my fingers bleed. Back then there was no YouTube and meetings were only 3 times a year so I learnt by listening and playing along to George Formby records.

By the time I was 11 I got my 1st paid gig for playing and singing George Formby. My Dad became my manager and I was getting gigs for Social Clubs (not something that would be allowed in today's world), Variety shows, nursing homes, garden fetes, even television and radio.

When I was 13, I was getting asked for cassettes so my Dad took me

to a recording studio and my 1st tape was produced.

Thankfully now I produced CD's so

no more winding the tape back in with a pencil!

Yes I was the kid that was different, I came home from school and squirreled myself away in my bedroom to practice, learn more and concentrate on getting Formby's voice of to a 't'. Thinking back I must of drove my parents and neighbours mad, but...

I loved it! - So I supposed you could say I just fell into it.

I set out with a vision of learning the guitar

and ended up doing George Fomby tributes.

I now do play the guitar and I actually entertain with my wife Alyson and we cover 10 decades of music between us but that's another story!

If you would like to know more about my entertaining with Alyson then pop across to our website at:

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