George Formby Tribute by  Alan Yates

George Formby O.B.E

So who is George Formby?

Well for some people, just a silly lad from Lancashire but he was far from it -

George Formby was one of the biggest and highest paid entertainers of his time!

He recorded over 200 songs, 1 which was so popular it earned him the 1st ever award for the 'Silver Disc' ever to be given out.

George did 21 films, hundreds of stage shows, entertained over 3 million troops during WW2, earning him his O.B.E,

supported / donated to many a charity and did more besides.

Doesn't sound quite so silly to me, if anything, quite an achievement in the 56 years of his life!

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Do you believe in Fate or Destiny ?

As a general rule I would have personally said no, but

when I look back on my life and think about the things that have happened by pure chance that

actually connects me directly to George, I can't help but wonder if such a thing does exist!

My connections directly with George!